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Tolls for the trolls

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I understand the point of road tolls, and I always appreciate it when the roads I’m driving on are reasonably smooth and, well, there, but of course I don’t like paying them any more than anyone else.

While clearing out some old stuff, I came across a note about the toll charges my wife and I incurred once when visiting her sister at university. We were living in Maryland at the time, and the university was in Massachusetts, so there were a lot of little states in the way. And they all wanted their cut—a staggering six different states charged us tolls in that single trip:

  1. Maryland – $2.00 for the I-95 tunnel through Baltimore, plus $5.00 which I think was for some bridge (although the bridge itself was several miles from the collection point)
  2. Delaware – $2.00 for the toll road
  3. New Jersey – $6.45 for the turnpike
  4. New York – $6.00 for George Washington Bridge leading into New York City (this was a wrong turn; only time I’ve ever been to NYC in my life)
  5. Connecticut – $1.00 for the toll road
  6. Massachusetts – $0.50 for the MassPike (like a turnpike, but, um… bigger?)

That means hard-earned cash (it was earned in Maryland, after all) got farmed out to 12% of the states in the Union in one go. And actually, that might have been just the outbound leg; I can’t remember for sure.

Yes, I am a bit anal retentive about things of this sort.


Funny. In the UK, I have yet to be asked to pay a t(r)oll.

– The Snark


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