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Letter to Morrisons – discounts

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Bishop Auckland

Attn: Customer Services

Dear sir or madam

I am puzzled about a practice I’ve seen at my local Morrisons. Sometimes, in the evening as closing time gets near, somebody packages up the remaining perishable items from the bakery, deli and hot food departments, puts them in a hand basket and walks around asking customers, ‘Would you like any discounts?’

This is a little off-putting to me. More than a little, actually. It’s not the items themselves, or even the fact that they are close to their sell-by date. The thing that bothers me is the idea of being expected to happily buy products for no better reason than that the price has been marked down and that they’re about to go off. And that someone is urging me to get them.

Since I seldom shop for items from those departments, this ‘hard sell’ is quite a nuisance. And when I turn down the offer (always), the profferer of these discounts tends to act affronted, or disappointed in me, no matter what tone or facial expression I use; that is truly irritating.

I wonder: was this a new company-wide policy, or an initiative in this shop? I certainly don’t remember it from Leeds, but it did come on the scene rather suddenly in Bishop Auckland a few months ago, so I don’t really know. What I do know is that it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone take a second glance at the offerings, so presumably you have many more annoyed customers wandering around out there.

Like Morrisons, I hate food waste; I really do—but I fear you will probably need to find a different way to deal with the problem.

Yours faithfully

Jeremy Irish


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  1. Well, a response of sorts arrived from Morrisons yesterday–a thoroughly dull form letter telling me my comments had been passed on to someone else.

    Still, one lame result isn’t enough for us to conclude that this whole exercise is futile, eh?

    Comment by Jeremy Irish — 17/04/2010 @ 15:14 | Reply

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