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Yesterday, we took delivery of the remainder of our earthly possessions. At long last.

This Stuff has been in storage in the US since we moved away from our previous home in Rochester, New York 3 1/2 years ago. We finally decided it was time to have it brought over here, and so after a laborious process of choosing a moving company, filling out loads of paperwork and shelling out loads of money, here it is.

My wife and I took the unusual step (for us) of trusting someone else to collect it all for us, since flying over to supervise wasn’t really an option. I hope those movers had a bite at Open Face while they were there; it’s just down the street. I meant to mention it to them. Sort of jealous.

Anyway, though, they did inadvertently cause one hitch. The bill of lading was supposed to have all of the package numbers noted on it next to the contents, and then we were supposed to use this to keep track of them as they were carried in. But the scanned numbers got a bit chopped off. There was a quarter of an hour of absolute chaos before we finally figured out how the list related to the packages—the movers dashing in and out, my wife and I pretending we knew what they were carrying—and then some more time spent scrambling to track down the earliest ones we’d missed.

Still, there was a feeling like riding in a limo. We’ve moved an awful lot, but this is our first experience with hiring professional movers. Nice to pay someone else to assemble our dining table with the 300-pound slate top.

And worth considering for the future.

– The Snark


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