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This is supposed to be packaging?

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To my knowledge, food packaging nirvana has not yet been achieved in the US, but it does have some way to go in the UK, as well.

The worst example appears to be bread. In most cases, although the plastic bags work fine, there is no way to re-seal them. Manufacturers generally clasp them together at the top with sticky tape, which somehow never seems to work again. Is it just me?

The bread I grew up with had either twist-ties or special plastic clips, both of which actually worked. Okay, the clips broke frequently, but as a bonus they had plenty of room for a use-by date. Perhaps export restrictions have prevented this innovation from catching on here. Doesn’t explain the lack of twist-ties…

Then there is Warburtons, with their ‘product range to be proud of’, which by preference they wrap up like a Christmas present. Without the ribbon. There is no provision for the customer to re-seal the bread at all. (I usually enlist a bulldog clip from the stationery supply.) To make matters worse, for material they choose a sort of love-child of plastic and paper. Those packages don’t stand a chance. How can you possibly keep one sealed when this has happened?

A devastated Warburtons 'toastie' package


And don’t I remember Warburtons styling themselves Britain’s Favourite Baker? I couldn’t find any such self-incriminating claim on their website, but here is someone else who remembers those ads. He’s even got a clip (YouTube, not bulldog or plastic). I’m still not sure how the Sugar Plum Fairy ties in.

Sadly, Warburtons is about the best thing going in our local supermarkets. *shudder* I guess a few bulldog clips have a permanent home in the kitchen.

– The Snark


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