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Why am I doing this?

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What is the purpose behind this self-prescribed therapy?

The About page sort of skims over it, but here are some things I hope to… well, ‘accomplish’ is too strong a word; let’s say, what my motives are.

  • Toxic levels of cynicism had built up – I was becoming a resentful and angry person, although that’s not how I see my true self. So this project gives me a release valve for some venting. Being able to laugh at things ought to remind me that there’s no point in getting worked up about much.
  • Other people might find it entertaining – Since I enjoy a good comedic tale of personal misfortune, I figure other people do, too. I’ll keep working on the ‘good’ part.
  • I enjoy complaining – In a focussed, specific way, rather than just going around saying things suck. If I could get a job as a professional nitpicker, I probably would. Openings don’t seem to come up very often.
  • I enjoy writing – Always have. Most recently, I’ve gotten a kick out of producing pseudo-journalism on Xpert Eleven; this will be something like that, but without such a specific audience perforce.
  • I don’t enjoy writing to people who ignore me – Which I feel is usually the case even when I send physical letters to businesses, traditionally regarded as the best way to get them to get them to sit up and take notice of something.
  • It might make a difference – If I can use this soapbox to raise awareness, and maybe demonstrate constructive ways of approaching problems, the weblog might be able to help in some way to correct things that are genuinely wrong with society.

… Whoops …

*gasp* *gasp* Cynicism withdrawal! Easy, Jeremy… just take it a bit at a time… Baby steps.

– The Snark


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