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Rhetoric is still alive and well

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Rhetoric is a good thing. Valuable. I use it frequently, especially here on the blog—a regular dose of talking to oneself is important to stay properly insane.

All the same, it can get rather wearing when you hear a great deal of it at once. There is a particular construction on ‘real life’ television programmes that the producers can’t seem to resist. I’m talking about the artificial suspense they try to generate by explaining the really obvious situation that has just occurred and posing the really obvious question about what might happen next, which is then answered moments later.

How about these:

‘This house is actually worth no more and no less than however much the seller can get for it… but how much do you think it’s worth?’

‘Sam thinks his dish is the bee’s delicately seasoned knees… but will it be enough to get him through to the next round?’

‘Naomi has told the family they need to begin repairs or the Grade 1-listed house will fall down around their ears… but have they gone on memorising Debrett’s instead?’

‘They all want to stay in the jungle (except for Jordan), but one of them has to leave forever (except for Jordan). Your votes just decided who will say good-bye tonight… but which one will it be?’

Folks. This sort of device is not suspenseful. It isn’t necessary. And it’s dead boring. Please, mix it up a bit, and keep TV entertaining.

– The Snark


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