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Letter to the BBC – scheduling

Bishop Auckland

British Broadcasting Corporation
Attn.: Customer Service Dept.

Dear representative:

I wonder if you can help me understand one of BBC’s television practices.

I am originally from the USA and moved to England a while ago. What I have noticed is that often a given show is not scheduled until very shortly before it airs. And this isn’t just ‘filler’ programs—it can happen with anything.

It seems that Dr. Who, which I gather is a fairly major program for BBC, still did not have a time slot a week before Easter, although it had long since been announced that the show would start up again that weekend.

Also, I can’t help but notice that many shows do not ever appear at the same time of day for two episodes in a row.

All of this seems very strange. Can you please clarify? Does this signal a problem with internal processes—or is it just to ensure that you have the viewers’ attention?


Jeremy Irish


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  1. Something tells me this letter will fall on deaf ears, given the treatment of the ‘Doctor Who’ climax last night. Plenty of flack about it online; here is one poignant still: .

    Comment by Jeremy Irish — 25/04/2010 @ 16:26 | Reply

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