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On a cat

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Möbius is the name of our cat.

He’s not named after mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius, although I’m sure the guy had a lovely personality and all that. We named him after the habit he had, when we first adopted him, of curling up into a ball and then flipping his head round upside-down; this caused him to take on the basic shape of a Möbius strip (which is named after ol’ Gussie).

Unfortunately that posture was never perfectly captured on film memory stick, but you can kind of get the idea by mentally combining these two pictures:

handmade Mobius strip

Möbius strip. Ingredients: one piece of paper, one piece of tape, a half-twist and an olive

Mobius, our cat

Möbius stripe. Ingredients: cat food and lots of it

So Möby no longer physically resembles his namesake. But that might be all right—it could be argued that his personality has some things in common. For instance, he ends where he begins: a cat is a contrary creature. The refusal to carry on with his defining activity, after the name had stuck, is a perfect example.

Also, like the Möbius strip, he is one-sided. He has three dominant priorities:

  1. A Meal to devour
  2. An Outside to police
  3. A Lap to curl up in

This predictability can get tiresome; at the moment, especially because I have yet to figure out a good way to carry on using the laptop on my lap when Möbius is settled in. But I suppose I would rather have a reasonably predictable cat than a completely unpredictable one.

Contrariness has its limits, even for a cat.

– The Snark



  1. I love the name Möbius for a cat! He sounds a lot like my Maytag, who got his name by nearly drowning in a washing machine as a kitten.

    Comment by Noturus — 17/04/2010 @ 14:09 | Reply

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