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Well, how are we all getting on with Doctor Who?

Running up to last night’s episode, I was well aware that the Weeping Angels were going to come back. I had also heard shortly before the season premiere that River Song would reprise, which would seem to be a good thing, seeing as they had made the irreversible choice to have her feature in at least a couple more stories.

So hey, let’s combine the two!


I think the Beeb is doing a much more convincing job with Doctor Who: Confidential these days, though. The theme tune mix is actually better than before, and so are the interviews. Previously they had been edited to feature a great many recaps of the episode that just aired, which is pretty much as bad as asking a mock-suspenseful question and then answering it immediately. Actually, it’s the same thing. In reverse.

So yeah, less of that. Although we do have Matt Smith’s habit of almost never looking at the camera; then when he does, he generally giggles self-consciously. And Karen Gillan looks at the camera but squints the whole time. (My wife theorised that this was because there is so much more sunshine in Wales than in Scotland.)

Steven Moffat’s interviews are fine. And boy, are they better than Russell T Davies’s.

– The Snark


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