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The End of Bridge, Part 1

We received notice from the Council around Christmas that a bridge in our part of town was going to be demolished and replaced. It’s called the Cockton Hill Railway Bridge, which is to say it’s a bridge that the cars drive on, not the trains, if you see what I mean.

The Council told us they would try to cause as little inconvenience as possible to residents. Ho ho ho.

For vehicles, this first resulted in single-direction, stoplight-controlled traffic, then later a massive diversion. In the midst of this undertaking, They also decided it was a good idea to reduce the road at the other end of town to single-direction, stoplight-controlled traffic. The purpose of the second project is apparently to move a few parking spaces 100 yards and then otherwise lay out the road in exactly the same configuration as before.

But I don’t own a car, so I didn’t really care about that part so much.

Just come back with me to south Bishop Auckland for a moment, and see what the whole mess meant (and still means) for pedestrians, as illustrated by these perfectly-to-scale diagrams of my walking route to the bus station. Originally we had:

A walking route with 2 turns

Version 1

Then it was more:

A walking route with 14 turns

Version 2

And now it’s sort of:

A walking route with 7 turns

Version 3

Oh, right, the trains had to stop for a couple of weeks, too.

– The Snark


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