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The End of Bridge, Part 2

The bridge replacement has been a tremendous source of free entertainment in this area. So, great news: it looks as though there’s no way on earth they can finish on time! (Also a great surprise.)

Now and then, there have been throngs of people gawking, snapping photos, even taking video. And to some extent I can understand their interest. It’s not every day that you see a 15-metre crane hoist the entire steel siding off of a bridge at once. And it is on other rare days, again, that you see one crane lashed to another whose evident purpose is to act as an unimaginably heavy counterweight.

Sorry, don’t have a camera phone, so I missed those. But I thought I’d better get a small piece of the action and borrowed my wife’s non-phone camera yesterday.

Cockton Hill Railway Bridge construction, very busy and heavily-signposted site entrance

Don't think they're open for business yet

5 weeks, eh? That would make it… this weekend that they have to wrap it up. What do you reckon?

Cockton Hill Railway Bridge construction, still a long way from being paved

Looks safe to me

Meanwhile, until they take them away, those orange and white plastic barriers with the hole on top make handy recycling bins:

Cockton Hill Railway Bridge construction, beer cans in a barrier

Better than the gutter

One other thing. Since the construction company will presumably have to pay a penalty based on how late they run, does that mean my council tax bill will be lower?

– The Snark


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  1. They opened it up on Saturday! Finally! I actually watched them pull away the final cones.

    Then I watched as the very first south-bound driver barely avoided colliding head-on with one of the early-bird north-bound folks.

    Monday morning, they immediately put it back to one direction at a time (with a control light) while they finish paving, paint the lines, lay some footpaths, put up a rail for the pedestrians, etc. It’s the little things.

    Comment by Jeremy Irish — 11/05/2010 @ 16:19 | Reply

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