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Does everyone really have to stick with 9-5?

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Half of Bishop Auckland’s businesses shut down no later than 5:00. The other half don’t really get going until, say, 8:00—there are about as many gambling parlours as bakeries, with roughly the same number of pubs. (Charity shops are up there, too.)

What always gets to me is: If everyone works a 9-5 shift, and the smaller shops are only open in that same window, who exactly is supposed to shop there? There’s a disconnect. It doesn’t seem to work in the modern world.

It’s no wonder the bigger companies survive better; prices aren’t the whole story.

Mom and Pop need to work out some sort of time-share arrangement. Clothing store attendants go do their banking after work, and then the teller joins them for dinner at a quaint restaurant, whose waitress bought a new pair of shoes that morning. That kind of thing.

Of course, in some places, I know that there are external forces that render common sense impossible. In Northern Ireland, when we lived there, a retail business was restricted on Sundays to opening between 1:00 and 6:00, if the floor area exceeded a certain square footage (square metrage?). So their ‘wee’ competitors had a potential advantage, but it didn’t get exercised very often.

Call me crazy, but I think moving away from this lockstep tendency would also improve traffic.

– The Snark


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