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Do it just like the banks

I got another call the other night from one of those companies charitably explaining to me that, as a result of recent UK government legislation, I may be entitled to a ‘debt relief order’. They, of course, have no vested interest in the proceedings at all. Presumably the government is happy to pick up the bill as they have done for bank after bank.

This particular marketer has phoned our house a lot. I think the recorded message starts: ‘This is a free public service announcement. Please, do not hang up.’ …yadda yadda, manna from heaven… ‘To hear how you can take advantage of this opportunity and write off up to 100% of your debts, then press “2” on your telephone keypad now.’

The bad grammar is the most offensive thing of all.

Okay, so they’ve had their little joke. Fair do’s. (Dos? Dooze?) Who knows what they tell people who actually try to take them up on it. Me, I just wanted to know who they were because now I am on the Telephone Preference Service register, and I was going to report them.*

So I pressed ‘2’, which did get me through to a real person, but when I asked her what company she was calling from, she hung up. Which. Is. Massively. Illegal.

I couldn’t get a callback number, either. Also illegal. Having done some searches, I’ve come up with a couple of close matches on 02031891150 or 02030601580. Anyone have any theories on who these clowns are? Male reader, posh voice, grammatically challenged?

‘Public service’, my dooze.

– The Snark

*There is now new information, but I need more details and it will have to wait until next week.



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