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The aliens have littered

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I went out to the shops last week and saw this object sitting on the busy footpath in front of our house:

A discarded empty crisp pack of Space Raiders

Take us to your litter

As I continued on, three thoughts went through my head.

  1. Ick.
  2. Space Invaders… My wife was just showing me some cookies she’d seen online decorated with a ‘Space Invaders’ theme.
  3. Crisp packs sitting on the ground like this really are space invaders! (Ooh… deep… clever…)

It later turned out that the product is actually called ‘Space Raiders’ rather than ‘Space Invaders’, probably for fairly good reasons. So not quite as clever. Oh, well. Still works.

I decided I would snap a picture, write a post and then pick up that package. Plus a very dead umbrella nearby.

A child's ruined umbrella apparently resembling a frog

Amphibious landing

Plus a glove (or possibly a severed Muppet hand) that had been abandoned in our garden since well before the thaw—seriously, a month at least.

A small, pink, furry, fetid glove

Unrequited glove

At first, I was just going to bin it, because I figured, it’s never been reclaimed, and who would really want the ugly thing back? Then I thought maybe I should ask the neighbours in case it belonged to one of their kids, never mind how ugly it was. Then I thought it must be really un-hygienic as well as ugly, so the best idea was to toss it after all.

So there we go. I was inspired to clear away three pieces of litter. My blog has done its first actual good deed in the world.

– The Snark



  1. Congrats! I keep meaning to take a plastic bag with me next time I walk down the path outside the house and pick up all the litter that accumulates there. For the record, I’ve been telling myself to do this for 6 months at least and have yet to remember and actually do it.

    I suppose I can’t really excuse it by saying “It’s the thought that counts!”. Perhaps I can take a page out of your book and turn it into a blogging opportunity, thought I’m not sure anyone is all that interested in empty beer cans and kebab containers…

    Comment by The General (aka: Mommy) — 30/03/2011 @ 11:13 | Reply

    • Oh, but sometimes it’s that Gritty Realism that really sets a personal site apart from an ordinary journalistic column.

      Comment by Jeremy Irish — 02/04/2011 @ 07:55 | Reply

  2. Loved it!

    There’s a section of land near our house that is begging to be cleaned up. If I could come up with clever picture titles, I would really be motivated.

    My favorite – Unrequited Glove.

    Comment by Carol — 06/05/2011 @ 15:35 | Reply

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