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If I don’t
place myself under
I think
this blog will
hold my interest better
I will have the
stamina to keep working on it longer
I will enjoy it more.



Summer time, and the waking ain’t easy

It did its job back in World War I. But why, oh why, have we still got it?

I heard a rumour that the UK government might consider scrapping summer time (or daylight saving time, for my fellow Americans still in America). And what a fantastic move that would be! I always really, really dread the spring time change.

Here we were, just starting to get a reasonable amount of daylight, able to go to work after dawn, that sort of thing. Then WHAMMO. A week of thinking, ‘I’m not tired yet… I don’t really need to go to bed now.’ Then the next morning, ‘It can’t be 6 yet. It’s really only 5.’ You keep losing that hour day after day.

And for what, again? More outdoor activities at night? Doesn’t seem to work that way. Saving energy? No, not really. I snapped a couple of photos out the front door, the first around 6:00 in the morning and the second around 8:00 in the evening. You just sort of change which time of day you have to use the electric lights:

View of garden, around 6am, with almost no light whatsoever


View of garden, around 8pm, with enough light to distinguish features


Now, from past experience, I don’t recall that there is ever sun at midnight or anything. At midsummer here, it gets completely dark by, what, 11:00?

– The Snark


The aliens have littered

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I went out to the shops last week and saw this object sitting on the busy footpath in front of our house:

A discarded empty crisp pack of Space Raiders

Take us to your litter

As I continued on, three thoughts went through my head.

  1. Ick.
  2. Space Invaders… My wife was just showing me some cookies she’d seen online decorated with a ‘Space Invaders’ theme.
  3. Crisp packs sitting on the ground like this really are space invaders! (Ooh… deep… clever…)

It later turned out that the product is actually called ‘Space Raiders’ rather than ‘Space Invaders’, probably for fairly good reasons. So not quite as clever. Oh, well. Still works.

I decided I would snap a picture, write a post and then pick up that package. Plus a very dead umbrella nearby.

A child's ruined umbrella apparently resembling a frog

Amphibious landing

Plus a glove (or possibly a severed Muppet hand) that had been abandoned in our garden since well before the thaw—seriously, a month at least.

A small, pink, furry, fetid glove

Unrequited glove

At first, I was just going to bin it, because I figured, it’s never been reclaimed, and who would really want the ugly thing back? Then I thought maybe I should ask the neighbours in case it belonged to one of their kids, never mind how ugly it was. Then I thought it must be really un-hygienic as well as ugly, so the best idea was to toss it after all.

So there we go. I was inspired to clear away three pieces of litter. My blog has done its first actual good deed in the world.

– The Snark

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