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Cycling: Carbon Neutral?

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Today at the park and ride, I saw a man struggling for quite some time to secure his bicycle to his car, with the engine idling all the while. I thought that rather undermined his efforts to be environmentally friendly.

– The Snark



A garden centre takes the theme a bit too far

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Recently, my wife and I visited Dobbie’s Garden World in Livingston. I think that branch was opened very recently. And you could tell it was brand-new! The floor was clean, the layout was modern, and the gents’ had something I’d never seen before in my life:

A row of urinals, several of which are shaped and coloured like flowers

So glad there was nobody else there

I would say they must be ‘flower pots’.

– The Snark


Why on earth would anyone want 6 1/2 movies?

The face of a boy with glasses and a scar on his forehead, rolling his eyes

ComPLETEly ridiculous

As the Harry Potter film franchise fires its final, phenomenal, fantastical shot, I am horrified at the new marketing depths I have just seen Warner Bros. stoop to.

In the supermarket, there is a DVD boxed set for sale of Harry Potter Years 1-7, Part 1.

Are you kidding me? It was bad enough that they produced boxed sets of every sub-series up to that point, although I would have supposed they were hoping they could trick people who weren’t familiar with the books into thinking, ‘Hmm… I’ll get films 1-6 now, then 7-12 when they release those,’ and so on. (Poor Daniel, Rupert and Emma.)

But just exactly how stupid do they think people are? If anyone is enough of a completionist to want a boxed set of the entire series, why, oh why, oh why would they get this product, only to have to get Part 2 all by its lonely self?

– The Snark

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